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To register to a workshop or set-up an English-taught workshop,

please send us an email or leave a voice message at 514 990-7124

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Progressive pricing policy: No one is turned away!

Our services provide a professional training, which most participants assure us is not only life changing, but also offers a tangible improvement to their quality of life. Our organization’s general operational costs are not funded by government grants and we depend on course fees and donations to support our programs. The workshop fees listed below represent our break-even costs.  However as a non-profit organization, we do not want money, or lack thereof, to be the reason that you or the important people in your life would be unable to benefit from our training.  

Payment plans can be made by providing us with as many post-dated checks as necessary to cover the fee or fees can be adapted on a sliding scale.  If you need scholarship support, please enclose a letter briefly describing your situation and check(s) for the amount you can afford.
Whatever your situation may be, we’ll find a solution with you!



Everyday Safety Skills   include being and acting aware, taking charge of a situation, dealing with bullying or harassment, and getting help in dealing with people displaying intimidating or aggressive behaviours. Role-playing and various exercises allow hands-on practice, appropriate to the ages and life situations of each participant.

Full Force Self Defense training covers verbal and physical self-defense skills. This portion of our programs allows participants to practice physical emergency-only skills on an instructor who is fully padded from head to toe.



Thank you for your interest in our public workshops !

We currently offer public workshops in Montreal as French-taught workshops.
Please click here to consult the related schedule.

Please note :
Even if you are not fully bilingual, most English speaking participants are happy with their participation in one of these workshops if they understand spoken French.

Although general teaching is given in French, if you request it :

  • Workshop documents and hand-outs are available in English
  • Participants can express themselves in English. Instructors will translate what you say to the group for you.
  • Individual practices and coaching can happen in English

However if understanding French is difficult, we suggest that you think of setting up your own private group.  
This would allow you the additional tailoring, both in content and format, to your group’s needs.

Please read the ‘Organizing A Workshop’ page or contact our offices for more information:
514 990-7124







Thank you to the Fabrique de la Paroisse St-Denis, Centre Lajeunesse, Corporation de Développement Communautaire Solidarité Villeray, Patro Le Prévost, Centre communautaire de la Visitation, and Pointe St-Charles YMCA for their support in our seasonal public workshop schedules over these many years

Scholarships & sliding-scale payment plans are available.
Registeration must go through our office in these cases.
Please Click Here for a Registration Form. Please send your completed form & payment made out to:
Fondation Pleins Pouvoirs, PO. Box 50016, Jarry Station, Montreal (QC) H2P 0A1
The number of participants in each group is limited. A deposit is usually required to reserve your spot.

NOTE: The majority of our activities are not listed in our public schedule because they are workshops tailor-made for a variety of groups. We offer programs specially designed for daycares, schools, youth groups, businesses, corporations, and community groups or organizations that come to the aid of people with special needs or facing a variety of challenges. To add your name onto a list of potentially interested participants for any given workshop or to know more about how to organize a private workshop, simply contact us. Don’t forget to ask us about our price list and special rates for groups.



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