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Organizing a public Workshop

Getting Started

Being a Host

Our workshops are hosted by organizations such as businesses, cities, daycares, schools, after-school programs, institutions, non-profits and community service organizations as well as by concerned individuals. And workshops service a wide variety of people such as children, teens, parents, professionals, adults, seniors, and people with special needs.

What is there to do?
The job of a host is to communicate early and often with the potential participants and to handle logistics such as space, registration, and refreshments. The steps are very similar as those required in organizing a party.

We are here to help!     
We are happy to provide guidance and background information about our services in order to ensure a successful workshop.

Choosing an Appropriate Workshop

We offer a wide variety of self-protection workshops for children, teens and adults. Our services range from introductory short presentations to comprehensive long training programs.

All our workshops present Everyday Safety Skills. You can also opt to include Emergency Only Skills (verbal and physical self-defense) with a padded instructor. Please ask to see which groups have access to this portion of our programs. When Emergency Only Skills are included, the group size must be limited to 16 people. Otherwise group size is quite flexible and depends on the room, the duration of the workshop and the amount of desired experiential practice for participants.

We make it a point to tailor our services to fit your group's special needs. Consult our other service sections to know more about what we do. You can also contact us for a phone or in person interview for us to complete a service needs analysis with you.

Making a Decision

Each group or organization has its own decision-making process. We realize that the issues we address bring up concerns for many people. Our experience is that virtually all of the organizations that host our programs are extremely pleased with the results. We are willing to take the time necessary to build trusting relationships with the groups we serve. Two tools that can help in this process are: the needs analysis and the service proposal.


KIDPOWER is a private, non-profit, educational organization, which serves people of all ages and abilities. We fund our services almost exclusively through workshop fees and donations. And receive grants for certain special projects. Our fees are set at break-even cost to cover teaching time, logistical, technical and pedagogical support necessary for the success of our servicing, as well as the organizational overhead costs that are entailed. Costs for publications, snacks, parking, room rental and long distance travel are extra (for activities located at more than 25 km each way from our offices).

Even if you cannot benefit from a grant, our goal is to be accessible to as many people as possible, so we will be glad to work with you to set-up a budget for your particular situation and/or help you find funding. Agreements are finalized through a service or grant contract.


We will provide sample promotional literature and registration tools to help hosts in their organizing efforts. Hosts are responsible for promoting the workshop by including information in newsletters, copying and distributing flyers, creating and posting posters, and – most importantly – talking directly to potential participants about the importance of attending the workshops or conferences planned in for their communities. Your personal endorsement is the most effective recruiting tool we've seen. The earlier and more often you spread the word, the better the turnout will be.

Space & Refreshments

In general, a large room with empty floor space (approximately 300 square feet or 20’x20’) is sufficient for a group of 16 to 20 people. Access to bathrooms and a telephone are required. For Weekend Family Workshops or longer adult programs, interlocking floor mats will need to be arranged.

We will discuss with you which room in your facility would be most appropriate for workshops. We also ask that hosts provide coffee and tea for adult workshops, and a light snack and water for any workshops with children. If you do not have access to adequate space to host workshops, we can also help you locate community space in and around the Montreal area.


Our preference is that the host takes responsibility for registering people and collecting money when needed.

Sometimes we can arrange to handle registration directly through our office. In either case, our office needs to be provided with a list of the names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers of workshop participants. A cut-off date will be agreed upon to ensure that there are a sufficient number of participants to hold the workshop. If not, we can reschedule.


After the program is over, we ask that the host give us an evaluation. Our program is constantly improving due to the helpful feedback of program participants.

If you are willing, we would very much appreciate having a letter of recommendation from you.


    • Make the decision to host a workshop.
    • Choose and schedule a workshop with KIDPOWER- Pleins Pouvoirs Montreal.
    • Make arrangements for the location of the workshop
    • Promote the workshop and register participants.
    • Plan and prepare snacks and refreshments
    • Pay workshop fees to us prior to the workshop.
    • KIDPOWER- Pleins Pouvoirs Montreal conducts workshop.
    • Evaluate workshop.
    • Congratulate yourself on a job well done!



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