Board of Directors

President & CEO

Marylaine Léger
Sex Education Counsellor, licensed member of OPSQ
Marylaine is also the co-founder of the Montreal Center.

Board Secretary & Treasurer

Lynne Arsenault
Supervisor, Hewitt Équipement Ltée (Toromont Cat)

Board Directors

Patrick Baby

Marie-Claude Lemire
CEO, Aphasie Québec – Le Réseau

James Beatty Hunter
Business Leadership Coach

Being part of Kidpower’s Board has added deeper meaning to my social commitments. When I talk about Kidpower, it allows me to offer people hope and real solutions to important social issues and problems, like bullying and violence.

– Patrick Baby

Board Job Description

General Responsibilities:

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governing of the organization, including reviewing and establishing policies; supervision, evaluation, and, when needed, selection of the Executive Director; overseeing the financial health of the organization; etc.


Kidpower Board members are individuals with high credibility who are willing to meet the commitments below and who have important skills and resources they are willing to use on behalf of our organization. With the exception of the President-CEO, people who receive personal income from their work with Kidpower may serve on committees, but are not eligible to become Board members.

Individual Commitments:

  1. Attend quarterly meetings in person or by conference call and, if possible, attend a yearly board retreat and five-yearly conference.
  2. Commitment is to do what you can in ways that are realistic in your life, with the understanding that different life situations can require flexibility in order to make participation possible.
  3. Be supportive of, and knowledgeable about, and commit to functioning within the Kidpower Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values and Ten Best Practices of Team Members.
  4. Complete a minimum of one 2-year term as Board Member. Terms are renewable.
  5. Be willing and excited to be an active advocate for Kidpower to one’s personal communities/spheres of influence. Personal Communities might be geographic, service, professional, etc. Board Members’ role is to keep affirming Kidpower as an important contribution to society.
  6. Actively merge life experience skills with Kidpower to contribute a diversity of knowledge, experience, and talents for the benefit of the organization.
  7. Be a leader or a major participant on a minimum of one Board committee.
  8. Make an annual financial contribution of a personally meaningful amount. There is not a set amount, but this should be a significant philanthropic commitment for you personally (“You should feel it and it should feel good”).
  9. Actively participate in fundraising efforts for Kidpower in ways that work well for you.
  10. Attend a Kidpower class/workshop if you have not done so already.
  11. Actively communicate by:
    • Being willing to speak up directly and promptly if there is a concern.
    • Being respectful and responsible about communication.

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Contact us to find out how to apply as a Kidpower Montreal Board Member.